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Technical issues happen. Our fault or not, we are committed to remaining 100% transparent with our clients.

We understand our clients entrust us with some of the most operationally critical components of their business. We are committed to do everything in our power to help ourselves and our partners work together to achieve a 100% up time. Rest assured that should anything break with our hosted services, we are notified immediately - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When things do go horribly wrong we will keep you posted on this incident page.

We recommend, if you have ANY hosted services through us, website, phones, server hosting, and or virtual machines that you subscribe to the updates using the button in the top right corner of this screen. This will only be used for communications in times of emergency outages.

If you are experiencing a suspected outage and the status is "green" here with no "incident updates" please open a ticket a

Please note, we will not post an incident update when our partner companies, such as OVH, Upstream Carrier, Ticketing System, Google, and Charter are performing routine maintenance. We will only post incident updates when there is a area wide outage, service interruption, or emergency.


Security Certificate Expiry

Today around, 8:15am, 3cx allowed a critical security certificate to expire which forced many of our border controllers to stop communicating with their PBX's, the brains of the everyone's phone service.

Thanks to some community members, around 8:45 we were able to quickly identify a creative work around and manually apply it to everyone's borders controllers, quickly restoring service.

The was a nationwide outage for 3cx, it effected a very significant amount of businesses across the United States.

We have yet to receive a formal reply from 3cx, but we were assured that they made internal changes to prevent the same issue happening.

We have made some internal changes to help better our crisis management response as a company. This status page is one of those changes. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the notifications, which can be done in the top right corner of this screen.

Thanks everyone and happy Monday! : )